CUPE EWBT Bulletin

Continuing coverage when you need it Learn more about your benefits and leaves of absence Particularly during times of uncertainty like these, you may be wondering how your benefits coverage is impacted – especially if you are off work for an extended period. Learn more

2020-05-22T09:20:55-04:00 May 22nd, 2020|Benefits News|

CUPE EWBT Benefit Changes

Benefit improvements coming soon As CUPE EWBT Trustees, it’s our duty to put the plan members first – including monitoring the benefits plan on an ongoing basis to ensure it remains affordable and sustainable. Over its first financial period, the CUPE EWBT benefits plan performed better than expected. Thanks to the efficiencies of a well-run Trust – [...]

2020-01-13T12:07:24-05:00 January 13th, 2020|Benefits News|