CUPE Ontario launches province wide campaign Communities, Not Cuts campaign

CUPE Ontario announced today their Communities not Cuts campaign. This province-wide initiative brings together public sector workers and communities in a fightback against the Ford Conservative government’s all out attack on Ontario’s public services and the workers who provide them.

“Every community, every type of work we do, every service Ontarians rely on is threatened.  Today we launch our campaign to fight back alongside communities and send the Ford Conservatives a message.  A message that we are united with others in our efforts to protect jobs, protect our communities and protect the vital public services our members, our friends and families rely on every single day,” stated Fred Hahn, president of CUPE Ontario.

Joined by front-line workers and provincial leaders at a Queen’s Park press conference, Hahn emphasized that the Ford Conservatives’ cuts to public services is making life harder for all Ontarians and now they are also attacking the workers who are doing their provide services under the strain of devastating cuts.

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